I’m here to tell you this important message: Arts Integration is not for you!

Now you might be wondering what in the world I’m talking about and I get it.  I promise I will explain.  As I’m explaining, if you actually start to agree with me then go ahead and hit that like button or even tell me so in the comments!

I am all about teachers getting inspired, there’s no doubt about that, but here’s the real truth:

What really matters at the end of the day is what is going on inside your classroom. 

An that means that the Arts integration experiences you may learn about in your professional development are really for your students.

But what if you’re not an artist??

When I start talking about how great Arts integration is,  I often get this concern from so many teachers that they’re not really that good at art.   They wonder, “How can I possibly integrate the Arts into my classroom if I’m not good at them.”  Maybe you wonder this too?

I totally get it!  Let’s face it, not every teacher is good at or even into music, drawing, theater, movement, poetry, storytelling and every single other kind of art form there is out there, right?

But, just because you don’t necessarily like an art form or maybe you’re not comfortable with an art form, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t implement it into your classroom.  

Here’s the thing:

If you don’t start to implement a variety of art forms then you might actually be missing out on reaching that one student that really needs it most. 

That’s pretty important.  Go ahead and read that again… ☝️

Now if you are uncomfortable with an art form, that’s fine.  Learning new things to teach your students is all all part of the teaching process.

Let me show you what I mean!


For example, I am no visual artist.  I can draw stick figures and I can create some decent bubble letters, but that’s about it.  However, I know that I have students that really just need that visual outlet. 

AND . . .

Who am I to hold them back because I’m not good at drawing?


For this reason, I make sure that I create integrated opportunities for my students to really dig into the curriculum and use it for a variety of visual art techniques.

Sometimes I even give them some rein over what they are going to complete because again, who am I to say what they are capable of?

And you know what?  Students have really amazed me with their talents.

YOU can do this!

Arts integration ideas and techniques are things that we can all learn.

It’s not about talent, it’s about desire. 

If you have the desire to inspire your students, then it’s time for you to find the type of PD that will get YOU inspired first.


A Real Life Classroom Example!


That’s what happened for me a couple of summers ago at one of our face-to-face teacher art retreats.

We learned how to create 3D sea creatures. They were amazing.   I couldn’t believe I actually drew it, painted it and created it.

This is my whale shark!

whale shark

This workshop inspired me so much that once we got back to school the art teacher, who also attended the retreat, and I collaborated.  We did an entire, 4th grade project where all the students made these 3-D sea creatures in honor of World Ocean Day. 


SEA creatures

We had so many great discussions about science, our role in environmental awareness and about the importance of recycling.  It was such a great arts integrated project!

So, who is art integration for?  It’s for your students!


And here’s the best news!


In order to provide those experiences for your students you get to indulge yourself into some great teacher-centered arts integrated PD.

Sounds good right?  Well, that just goes with our motto here at The Inspired Classroom!


You need to GET Inspired in order to BE Inspiring to your students.


So, as you continue to search for your next workshop or course for your professional development, consider how you can get some great ideas and inspiration to bring the Arts, a variety of Arts, into your classroom.

I’d love for you to check out the amazing opportunities you have at our Virtual Teacher Art Retreat.  

Go ahead and check out the wonderful workshops we have waiting for you!  I hope to see you there! 





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