Do you love your professional development? –  Or is it a snooze fest? 

I can imagine it now.  Sitting in the back, sunglasses on to roll your eyes, phone in hand to text with your teacher buddies.  

Come on, you KNOW you’ve been there.  We are all guilty.  

That’s why when I set out to create workshops, courses and retreats I vowed to never created crappy PD. 

Yes – I said CRAPPY.  

I wanted teachers to walk in feeling special and leave happy.

Here are 5 promises I make to you and I challenge other PD providers to do the same.

Promise #1


First, I promise that the training is teacher-centered! 

    1. You will be engaged with the content. 
    2. You will NOT be bored! 
    3. You will actually ENJOY the work that you are doing. 


I talk all about what it means to be Teacher-Centered in THIS post here… so be sure to check that out next. 


Promise #2


Next, I promise you will feel at ease.

All of my workshops involve Arts integration and SEAL strategies.  Sometimes teachers feel a little uneasy about working in Art forms that they aren’t “good” at.

Often, teachers don’t see themselves as artists.   So, I want to make you feel at ease.  

The beautiful thing about the Arts is that they are naturally differentiated, for our kids and for us.  The Arts meet all of us where we are AND they challenge us as well.  


Promise #3


Third, I promise the workshops will be taught by current teachers, educators and artists.

The best PD is taught by those who really know their stuff AND understand that teachers need practical and meaningful lesson and activity ideas.   And, lessons and activities that will actually work!  


When someone presents something, it will be something that has been used with students, validated and inspiring.

Ayanna presented at T.A.R. 2011. “Poetry Unhinged – It’s Just Words, Man”

Promise #4


Next, I promise an amazing atmosphere. 

This is due in part to the wonderful people.  The types of teachers who attend real teacher-centered PD that focuses on Arts integration tend to be caring, creative individuals.  It’s just kind of how it works.

This has been true at face-to-face retreats as well as virtual ones.

Year after year, I am amazed at how supportive and encouraging the people are who attend this type of professional development.  

They are inviting, creative and love to share with one another.  They smile and they are positive.  These are things we need more of!  

As I say to my own children: Surround yourself with positive people. Well, we need to do that too!


Promise #5


Last, I promise you will come away with ideas that you can use right away! 

You will get something from each activity. 

That’s true even if you think you’ll never use the technique or lesson activity inside the workshop. 

Teachers outside working at the Teacher Art Retreat.

Teacher-Centered PD isn’t just about the ideas you can grab and use, but it’s also about what goes on inside of you.  Maybe something becomes more clear, or you get a taste of what it means to try something new, or you start to understand the way a student thinks when they enter your classroom.


I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you into how to embed these practices in your everyday learning, and in ways that can be used right away! 


Remember, your professional development is for you, so make sure you search for the type of PD that will actually inspire you.

So, when is the last time you had professional development where you felt inspired?  Let me know in the comments!   I hope to see you at the retreat!






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