How to Make a Flextangle

How to Make a Flextangle

Origami, math, art and a fidget.  Today we are going to look at how to integrate all of that by making a flextangle!

Making a Flextangle integrates art, math, origami and even some SEL.  This is a great way to add a little creativity in your teaching and allow students to create their own unique flextangle in the classroom or at home!





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This thing is so fun!  Fun to create and fun to use.  What is it?  It’s a Flextangle!   And today I have a special guest, Stacie Greenland an art teacher in Arlington MA  and is also a SEAL Teacher, so she knows how to integrate the arts with SEL through Social-Emotional Artistic Learning.  Stacie is here to show you just how to make your own flextangle.


As she demonstrates it, consider all the ways to integrate art and math into this fun origami fidget.  The lines, the angles, the attention to precision.


All you need is a print out of the template, which I’ll link to under this video, some coloring tools to create your designs and some tape or glue.


Let’s get you started in creating your own Flextangle.




  • Coloring materials
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape





  • Draw different designs in each row of triangular sides.
  • Cut along the bold outside line.
  • Crease the dashed lines face to face.  Unfold.
  • Crease the diagonal lines back to back. Unfold
  • Gently fold paper to match dot to dot and form a tube.
  • Add a small piece of tape to connect the seams.
  • Tuck the tabs into the end of the tube and add a small piece of tape to secure the seam.



So, there you go!  How to make a Flextangle.


Now, I also want you to consider the therapeutic benefits to making a Flextangle.


Imagine yourself or your students calmly creating their own designs while playing some good music.  Set yourself up for success and if you make a mistake, no worries… just go with it.


As you fold the paper, take in some deep breaths and work slowly and at your own pace.  There’s no rush here.


So, go ahead and make your own Flextangle and then share this video with your friends and students so they can make their own unique Flextangles!


I’m Elizabeth Peterson from The Inspired Classroom. Enjoy!

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