Making a Dada poem is super easy and super fun!  Let me show you how to do it! 

In this video, I will show you how to create a Dada poem using words from just about any subject or content that you are teaching or learning.  Whether you are teaching face to face or creating distance learning experiences, this way of creating Dada Poetry will work for you.

What’s even better is that you can grab the free resource that goes with this video!  Scroll to find out how to get access to my Remote Teaching Resource Pack for FREE!  It has the papers I used in this video where I show you how to create the Dada Poem as well as other resources you can use right away with your students.







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Learning from Home 10 page resource for students including printable activity pages.

Teaching from Home 10 page resource for YOU to help you with this transition and keep you organized and creative.

A digitally fill-outable schedule.

A video you can share with your students teaching them a fun movement game.

A video showing students how to create a mini-book you can use for just about any assignment.

An activity to help students understand what they do and do not have control over during this time.

POETRY resources! Video and download for how to create a Dada Poem!

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Remote Teaching Resource Pack

Remote Teaching Resource Pack

This folder of resources will help your students while learning at home.