It’s that time of year when we talk about being thankful.

Of course I am thankful for my family and my health, for my friends and colleagues. I am blessed with so many wonderful people that support and encourage me. My hope is that you have the same and are able to find it in those around you. We do all have the right people that can carry us through the tough times. Sometimes we just need to keep searching.

Today, though, as I reflect on the school year so far and look forward to a short break, I’d like to mention two communities of teachers who have truly been inspiring and motivating to me.

One community is the SEAL Teachers community that was created for the maiden launch of SEAL Teacher Training in August. This exclusive group of teachers who have participated in the course are nothing less of amazing.

For the past 10+ weeks we have dug into the content of SEAL Teacher Training and worked through it together. Each person brought a new perspective, new talents, new vision and new ideas that helped the rest of the community grow as they learned about and implemented SEAL into their work with students.

I have thoroughly enjoyed spending quality time with the group each Wednesday night during our live sessions and have truly felt the bonds being created in this special space.

What’s even better is that this community of SEAL Teachers will continue and grow as we look towards the next launching of the course in March. It will be wonderful to welcome new teachers into such as supportive SEAL community!

The other community I am deeply thankful for is our Inspiring Teachers community that is open to any teacher who knows the value of arts in learning.

Over the last few months, the group has grown from a few of my colleagues and friends, to hundreds of teachers who are looking for that camaraderie that comes with open-minded, motivated and Inspiring Teachers!

We have shared opinions (cat or dog?), done quick challenges (Don’t bring home any papers to correct tonight!), plugged in a few gifs and shared resources.

And speaking of resources, as a real thank you to all who are part of this wonderful community, there is a free resource for you to download – one made just for us Inspiring Teachers. “5 Things You Can Do This Week to Inspire Your Students” . You can find it pinned to the top of the page. 😉

These communities have supported me through a tough start to a new school year, made me smile and allowed me to laugh out loud at times.

So thank you!

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy your days before your short break for Thanksgiving and that you are able to spend some time with those who are dear to you.

I’ll check in with you in December!

All my best,