If you’ve attended a SEAL Retreat in the past, you already know how much you need to be there again this year.

However, if you have never been, this is the year!

Need some convincing?  Ok… Here are 5 reasons you absolutely MUST attend the SEAL Retreat!

(And if you don’t want to take MY word for it, I’ve added in a few quotes from past SEAL Retreaters.)

5.  Learn SEAL Activities

We all know how important teaching SEL is in our classrooms and school. Our kids, no matter what age need this learning!  Well, with SEAL, Social-Emotional Artistic Learning, students develop their SEL through artistic means and creative expression.  At the SEAL Retreat, you will learn some of these activities and discuss how to modify them to work in your school setting.

“What I took away from the SEAL retreat was greater insight into how music, writing, conversation and imagery can be tool to foster social and emotional expression.”  ~Marjorie

What’s more is that SEAL really does stay true to arts integration: we integrate arts standards with SEL competencies.

“Every workshop and activity that we did addressed many National Education Standards for Visual Art, Music, Drama, English Language Arts all interwoven with CASEL’s five competencies of Social and Emotional Learning.” ~Karen

4.  Experience SEAL Activities

Not only will you learn some great ideas for your teaching, but you will EXPERIENCE them!  This retreat is Teacher-Centered, which means it was built with YOU in mind!  You get to participate in each SEAL activity.  You will move and create your own works of art.  Why?  At The Inspired Classroom, our motto is to Get Inspired in order to Be Inspiring.  So, I want to make sure YOU get to actually participate in the activities we learn so that you get more comfortable with the process and are more apt to do this work with your students.

“The retreat opened wide the window into myself and reminded me to take the moment to look at each of my students and to help them look at themselves.” ~Karen

3.  The People

Every year I am amazed at the amazing people who attend these retreats.  Not only are they all talented in their own, unique ways, but they are encouraging and supportive too!

“It was encouraging to be amongst fellow educators who really seemed to care about their students.  All our fellow retreaters were full of knowledge too! -Just working alongside such amazing professionals was an unexpected bonus!” Stacie G.

“I feel so blessed to experience this retreat with remarkable people that truly listen with their minds and hearts.” ~Colleen B.

2.  The Location


Our SEAL Retreat location, Essex Wood Retreat Center, is amazing!  Set in the woods and overlooking Essex Bay, this location is ideal for an overnight retreat.  Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about meals – they are provided (and delicious!)



1.  You Deserve This

Let’s get real, here.  This is much more than your normal professional development.  I’ve personally designed this with YOU in mind. You deserve to be treated special, to be given a chance to get away and immerse yourself in SEAL.  No distractions, no stress, no timelines.  Just a great place to learn!

“Whether with music, poetic words, games to connect people, and visual arts, the weekend was spent sharing ideas, practicing and refining lessons, while learning new processes with other teachers.  And let’s not forget that the SEAL retreat allowed us, the participants to discover first hand how social emotional learning promotes well being as we practiced upon ourselves.” Aileen M.


What’s more, is that once you attend a SEAL retreat, you feel empowered to do some good in your world.  Kris said it best:

“I have a wonderful opportunity in my hands, I have the chance to help hundreds of students develop into great people. I have an opportunity to share with them a treasure trove of artistic methods, experiences, materials and cultures. I have a chance to help students recognize their abilities and strengths. This is what I believe SEAL is all about.”  ~Kris S.

I hope to see YOU at the retreat!

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