First – the invite:

Join The Inspired Classroom’s FB Community to share stories and successes, ask questions, and engage with other teachers who also want to remain inspired and appreciate the power of the arts in education!

We want you there!  (There, I said it!)

Go ahead.  Click the button and check it out.

Now here are a few reasons why this is just so important!

5 Reasons to Join a Teacher Community

1. Teachers can collaborate and share!  This is at the heart of why you would join a community.  Teachers love to share their work and inspire others to do great things.  I have seen countless Inspiring Teachers share the work they have done.  It keeps ideas fresh for all the members of the community.  Here’s just 1 example:

2. Build a Strong Network Teachers need teachers.  period.  I hope you are lucky enough to have some great colleagues that support and encourage you.  AND, I want you to have that same experience online.  Twitter and Facebook provide an amazing way to build your PLN (Professional Learning Network) with like-minded educators who share your specific interests and ideas.  There are communities for tech-savy educators, teachers who teach a particular grade and, of course Inspiring Teachers who understand the importance of the arts in learning.

Have you joined our community yet???

3.  Ask Questions  A well-established community can become a safe place to ask questions and get advice.  In some ways, it’s a reminder that we are all in this together and also that we all have our own strengths that we can offer others.

Just the other day, in the SEAL Teachers’ FB group, someone was asking about types of music to use for Soundtracking.  Not only did others in the group offer suggestions for song titles and playlists, but also offered some techy advice for when they are streaming music from YouTube!

“Try using to clean the ads from YouTube videos.”  ~Giovanna

We are our own best resource!

4. Stay Up-to-Date with Trends & See What’s Working  I LOVE when someone in the Inspiring Teachers community shares an article or lesson idea that others will be interested in.  This happens in so many Facebook groups and in Twitter chats (another GREAT resource for building your PLN!)  Instagram is also becoming a great resource for seeing what’s new and working in education.  Not to mention a few great pictures can certainly inspire a new activity in your classroom.

5. Be Supportive and Encouraging  We all know how tough our job is.  And I would venture to say, ONLY we know how tough it really can be.  Teaching is physically and emotionally draining at times, no matter how passionate you are about your profession.

I have to say that the quotes, stories and encouraging words that pass through our Inspiring Teachers FB Community are wonderful.  If you ever need a little pick me up, just head over the the group and start to scroll!


6. Get Access to FREE PD!

Starting THIS MONTH, our Inspiring Teachers FB community will be the only place you can access the free mini-workshops that occur each month.  For almost a year, I have hosted mini-workshops on The Inspired Classroom’s page, but moving forward, they are only for our Inspiring Teachers.


I want to invest more in YOU and give you access to great ideas, activities and FREE PD.  I absolutely love what I do and I want to make sure I am keeping it exclusive to those who are also invested in growing our amazing community of teachers.

So…  have you joined yet?  Now is the time!

I’ll see you in there.  🙂


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