Picture it –

It’s the beginning of the school year and you have just set up your classroom.  (ok… most of your classroom)  and your principal has just called over the intercom that the first staff meeting of the school year is about to begin in 5 minutes.

You gather a fresh new notebook, a new pen in your favorite color ink, your mug (that happens to be clean because it didn’t sit on your desk for a week) and head to the library with your colleagues.  While you would rather be back in your room, getting things ready, there is just something about that first staff meeting that is kind of exciting.

Until, you hear about all the new initiatives that are about to be implemented.  With every new initiative the admin team brings up, you get a little more overwhelmed.  You try to write things down with your fancy pen, but even that beautiful color and smooth ink doesn’t make you feel any better.

You feel like a huge weight has actually been placed on your shoulders, not lifted off.  Ugh.

That’s the kind of feeling none of us wants when we are greeted with a new year.

I remember one year, long ago, our curriculum administrator had put 7 (seven), I said SEVEN new initiatives in our hands in the first 6 months of the school year.  Are you kidding me???

No teacher wants that.

That’s why when I created SEAL, I knew it was NOT going to be a program.  There were NOT going to be lesson sequences and scheduled conversations.  No videos to play or scripts to read.

Instead, I knew that SEAL had to be different.  Instead of giving teachers WHAT to do, it gives teachers a WAY to make an impact.

So, no.  SEAL is certainly NOT a program.

Then what is it? (So glad you asked.)

You see, SEAL starts with the TEACHER in mind, not the student.  (gasp)

I know, I know… that may sound ridiculous.  Like, who would actually admit to that, right?  Who would put the teachers first?

Well, me.

You see, I firmly believe that in order for students to have the most effective learning, they need to have the most effective teachers.  And you don’t create an effective teacher when you just hand them a binder full of lessons.

Teachers need time with the material and experience with the content.  That’s when they will bring their most effective self to the classroom.

SEAL is meant to empower teachers (not overwhelm or frustrate them).  And through that empowerment, teachers can address the ever growing social-emotional needs we are all facing in our classrooms.

See how that works?

Now I believe this whole-heartedly, because, I’m a teacher and I know that my students are the most engaged and happy learning when I am the most engaged and happy teaching.

That’s the kind of empowerment we are dealing with here…empowering teachers to do their best work with students.

Sounds good, right?  So, what do your notes look like now?

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