Have you ever felt the need to take back control of your own teaching?  Felt the need to re-empower yourself in your own classroom?  Me too.  I’ve felt defeated and run down by the challenges not only of the job, but the evolving needs of our students.  But things have slowly changed for me over the past couple of years  And that’s why I’m excited to tell you so much more about SEAL.

SEAL stands for Social-Emotional Artistic Learning.

It is a branch of arts integration that couples the naturally differentiating, highly engaging and emotionally charged power of the arts with the high need of developing social-emotional competencies.

But SEAL is much more than just integrating the arts into SEL, it is a transformative journey for teachers and students alike.

SEAL is split into 3 phases or SEAL Waves and each Wave is meant to build off the last one.

The first Wave is about developing a SEAL Teacher Mindset.

Here’s the thing…  YOU are the most important part of your classroom.  You do everything from creating and delivering your lessons to making sure your students are all finding success.  So, the first step to really empowering yourself as a SEAL teacher is to look at your own mindset.

What are you doing inside your classroom to make sure you reach and teach your students?  How are you cultivating an environment that fosters BOTH artistic creation and social-emotional development?

These questions and so much more are explored as you move through the first Wave of SEAL.

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The second Wave is about SEAL Teacher Methods.

SEAL is not a program.  That means there is no book to implement or scripts to read, no videos to watch and no sequence to follow.  Instead, through SEAL Teacher Training, you develop the right methods that work for you and your students.

This Wave of SEAL is comprised of 4 SEAL Streams that make up the delivery of SEAL to your students.

They are:

Through these SEAL Streams, you are able to be flexible with how you use SEAL to fully reach and teach your students.

The third and final SEAL Wave is where you learn and implement all the SEAL Integrations.

This is the fun part!

Do you have a class that loves to move, but just can’t work well together?  Let’s look at SEAL lessons that address social-awareness and dance elements!

Do you have students that love to draw, but just can’t seem to focus?  Let’s check out strategies that help them become more self-aware through visual art!

Do you have a jittery class that has a hard time getting to work?  Let’s check out some music strategies that will help your students to self-manage and get down to business!

There are so many applications that SEAL can have in your teaching and I’m looking forward to sharing more and more with you!

And if you are interested in diving deep into all that SEAL has to offer, then you need to check out our free SEAL ebook!  It contains information on how visual arts, music, drama and dance naturally integrate with each of the social-emotional competencies.  In addition, it has 2 SEAL lessons to try and my favorite SEAL tool to use.

SEAL has been a game changer for me and I can’t wait to continue sharing more about it with YOU!


Free SEAL Starter Kit

Get started right away with SEAL with this Starter Kit. Included are how all the social-emotional learning competencies are naturally connected to the arts, 4 SEAL activities, 2 of our most popular SEAL lessons and our best SEAL tool: the emotion wheel. 

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