We’ve probably all experienced that feeling of burnout at one point or another in our teaching career.  Regardless of how long you’ve been in the profession, the feeling of frustration and overwhelm can take its toll on you.  Hopefully, you will find these tips from Stephanie helpful so that you can get yourself back up and motivated once more!  ~EMP

During my years teaching, learned that burn out can happen fast, especially if you don’t have supports in place.  Whether you’re an educator feeling this impending burnout or are just curious what you can do to keep yourself getting there, here are 10 things I do to keep myself motivated:

#1 Be supportive

Learn your student’s interests, dreams, and hopes. Know what’s happening in their lives, and share some of your own stories with them. Encourage and support them in whatever they aim to achieve.  Each individual you teach is truly unique!

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#2 Have a fresh outlook

Teaching offers you the opportunity to start fresh every day. Even if you had a bad day, perhaps a lesson went badly or your students misbehaved, you can still start with a fresh outlook. Act friendly, greet your students at the door, smile, start your morning with a joke, and at times make light, supportive gestures to your students.  Every day is truly a new day.

#3 Don’t give up

Be positive and encourage a growth mindset. Do not underestimate the effect of motivational and inspirational quotes to your students. Most successful teachers are motivated teachers, so set intentions every day and embrace things that inspire you.

#4 Set intentions

Have a plan or purpose in mind every day. Set what you want to achieve each day and include your students in your plans. Your intentions should be clear and make sure you do what you had planned to do. Setting intentions is a great way to motivate yourself every day you walk in the classroom.

#5 Try out something new or different

Normal routines can get boring, so to avoid this, try introducing something new to your students. Start every lesson familiarizing with your students and motivating them. Trying a different schedule, or breaking the routine to learn a new skill will keep you motivated and keep your students interested in what you introduce next.  Check out The Inspired Classroom’s collection of posts containing new ideas and lessons.

hard working teacher#6 Manage your workspace

Teachers are able to control their workspace and make it more comfortable for them. Because of this, try to surround yourself with things that make you happy.  This can include inspirational messages, special decorations or your family pictures. Try to create an environment that motivates you.

#7 Display your talents

Teachers can stay motivated by showing people what they are good at. Try showcasing your brilliant classroom ideas and crafts that you worked very hard to come up with the Inspiring Teachers online community.


Connect and reconnect with old students, coworkers or new teachers and mentor them. All of these things are effective in motivating you to feel more confident in yourself, and in turn, make a difference in your student’s lives.

yoga teacher on desk#8 Relax

Each day, try to relax after you get home from work. Spend a few hours doing something you enjoy and try to forget about any type of school work.  Relaxation will relieve the stress you built up during the day, making you more enthusiastic for the next.

#9 Don’t overwork yourself

Teaching more does not mean your students will learn more. Remember students often do not care about how fast you get things done. So, don’t burden yourself grading their tests overnight or spending your weekend planning lessons. Try doing things differently by setting a work schedule that does not interfere with your normal life.

#10 Learn to say no

One quick way to burn out is by overstretching yourself, especially if you are a new teacher. Teachers will ask you to assist them in their work, while your students will ask you to sponsor their clubs or come to their games. It is really important to learn to say no without feeling guilty or bad, but you have to do some practice to really get good at it.

teachers drama#11 Bonus Attend Teacher-Centered PD

Having the opportunity to feed yourself personally as well as professionally is truly a gift.  Consider attending a workshop where you will learn something new and get inspired so that you can be inspiring to your students.  A Teacher Art Retreat might be just what you’re looking for!

If you’re not careful and kind to yourself, burnout is going to happen or it will be felt sooner or later.

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This was a guest post written by Stephanie Lynch, a former teacher who now freelance writes from home.  You can find most of her work at Howmuchisit.org.