Today I’m excited to share this wonderful video with you that advocates for STEAM.  Julie O’Neill, a colleague of mine and repeater retreater created this as her advocacy piece during the Summer 2018 Arts Integration and STEAM Retreat.

The retreat was a wonderful 3 days!  We were at Hampton Beach learning how to take amazing photographs, create cyanotypes, using our voices in truly amazing ways and building recycled ocean creatures.  What I love most about this slide show is that Julie captures both the experiences she had during the retreat and the importance of having the arts integrate with STEM.

It’s time for you to sit back and enjoy this slide show.  Perhaps during your lunch break when you shove your food in your mouth while sitting at your desk, or in the evening when you are secretly on your phone while your kids play nearby.  Take a moment to let Julie’s words seep in and make a difference in how you look at arts integration and how you can advocate for it as well.