Have you seen those “one word” bracelets coming through your FB feed?  I must have said or looked something up at some point to have them come through all the time on mine! 

They are actually a pretty cool concept: choose a word that speaks to you, fits your personality,  or inspires you and hammer it into a metal piece to wear and remind yourself of it. 

In fact, for the 2020 SEAL retreat, making these bracelets (or actually dog tags or charms) was our Night Owl workshop for Friday night.  (So fun!)

So… what would your word be?

In years past, we have published posts about choosing a word for the new year.  Balance was mine once,  then another year I coupled two together: detach and choose.  The whole idea of “What’s your word?” is a great one for a new year whether it be January, back to school time or anytime you need a fresh start.  Having the chance to reflect on the past, see where you are in the present and where you want to be in the future is a great exercise in reflection.

It’s fun to do this with your students too and it’s a great tie in for verb tenses as well, btw.  😉

Interested in finding your own ONE Word?

Join me this January for a very special LIVE workshop and we will do this together!


I’ve created  and used this fun way to reflect on our past and envision our future with one word in mind.  What in?  Awesome.  Let’s do this!

Here are the steps:

First, we are going to reflect on the past: look at some of your challenges and successes, your accomplishments and projects you’ve been a part of.  We’ll also look at some mistakes you’ve made, because, well…  as a teacher, you KNOW mistakes only lead to more learning, right??  This is a great chance for you to look back at all the experiences and behaviors that have been part of you, whether you want them to stay or not.  You’ve got to own them first before progressing onward.

Next, we take a close look at who you are right now, in the present.  I have even inserted a copy of the SEAL emotion wheel to look at while you consider your own self-awareness.  It’s in this section of the process that I will ask you to consider how you have changed and improved in the various aspects of your life and what you’ve learned along the way.

Finally, we will take a look into your future: what is important to you moving forward, what your goals are, what challenges you want to face head on and, most importantly what will bring you joy.  This will lead you into finding your word!  Your word that will carry you to the next stage of your journey.

So…  go ahead and give it a shot!  Promise me you will!

As soon as the workshop opens up, REGISTER and be ready to discover your ONE WORD for the New YEAR!

Click the image to register or go to theinspiredclassroom.com/onewordworkshop

And when you’ve got it, share it!   Take a pic of your word and post it in our Teach SEAL Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/inspiringteachers/  

Or use this contact form to tell me your word.  Let’s support each other as we move onward into great things!

One Word

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I only wish the best for you and hope that you are able to start a new year, new semester, even a new week with fresh eyes.

Take care of yourself,