Have you ever found your ONE WORD?  This type of activity is so beneficial no matter if you are starting a new year, new semester or rounding a new corner in your life.

Think teacher-self care…so important!

It is something I do every January, and I want to invite you to join me!

What's Your One Word?


In the workshop, I take you through the entire process I use to find my ONE Word.  Let me give you a preview of my process for this year.

I completed the pdf (is that a better word than worksheet??) the other day and it was actually more beneficial than I thought.  Reflecting on the various aspects of my life: personal, family, school and business was streamlined into this process because, let’s face it – you can’t segment your life completely when you are a teacher. 

We become emotionally and even physically entwined with our work!  Right?

Throughout the process of listing accomplishments and noting challenges, admitting mistakes and writing down things I’m proud of, I realized just how much of life is a bunch of ups and downs.  I can get started strong on a path and then get pulled in a totally different direction.  I see where I have failed and need to work to get back on track: like eating healthy and making more quality time for family, and I noticed patterns in my behaviors that I can work on changing.

And I was also able to see the list of accomplishments (which is gratifying, I have to admit.)  For one thing, in just the second half of 2018, I was able to put years of developing SEAL into the hands of 100s of teachers and continued to make the summer and winter retreats happy places for teachers to grow and learn.  The SEAL eCourse had a very successful first class of teachers who proudly call themselves “SEAL Teachers” now.

My present state of mind is thankful, proud, and eager to continue this work!

There are many goals I have for myself in the new year that branch all facets of my life.  I hope to create regular date nights with my husband and fun family time with my two adolescent kids.  I want to plan and execute good eating choices daily.   As clutter tries to enter into my life, I need to clear it out before it gets buried in the midst of everything else.  My classroom needs to be a safe place for learning where I am prepared and energized to teach my students.  I am eager to build my work around The Inspired Classroom and SEAL by being more present to YOU, my followers and developing more curriculum and resources that will assist you on your journeys to bring arts integration and SEAL into your classrooms.

So, what’s my word?  Well, it seems that so many of these goals lead me to this final word: committed.  If I am to achieve these goals, I must be committed.  Committed to my family, my students, my work and to YOU.

On New Year’s Eve, my daughter and I worked on creating our word dog tags for our new year.  I’m excited that this is  going to be the “Night Owl” workshop at this year’s SEAL Retreat.  It was such a great feeling of self-awareness and promise to myself as I hammered each letter into the metal.  Now, I proudly carry my dog tag on my keys (next to my starfish!) to remind myself just how committed I am to my own growth and that of others.


So, what it YOUR one word?  If you already have it, great!  Share it by posting it in our Inspiring Teachers Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/inspiringteachers/  

Part of me being committed to YOU is supporting you on your journey to being the best teacher you can be…and that starts with YOUR one word.  As soon as the workshop opens up, REGISTER and be ready to discover your ONE WORD for the new year, new semester, or even the new week ahead!

Take care of yourself,


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