Can you find the words in this wordsearch?

A great Thanksgiving week is done and more holidays are fast approaching, but I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to give thanks for all that is alive and well here at The Inspired Classroom.

Our community of online and face-to-face teachers is ever growing!  Each year, more people see the potential of learning more from our blog and enews.  New people continue to sign up for upcoming retreats and many of you keep signing up time after time for more inspiration!

SEAL is off and running with its first “graduating” group of SEAL teachers next month!  Not to mention the SEAL retreat and workshops that are lined up for the near future!

I truly love how our “Inspiring Teachers” FB group is becoming more and more active with teachers asking advice and offering amazing ideas.  If you are not part of this group yet, you NEED to be!

Thank you for conversing with me through tweets and DMs, through emails and the contact form.  Thank you for contributing to discussions through comments on FB and for reading the posts we publish.  Thank you for your interest in the books and resources we provide and for the great feedback you take the time to send me.

Of course, before all else are my family and close personal friends, but right alongside are the wonderful, supportive friends and educators that have become part of my world at The Inspired Classroom.

I am grateful for the ideas and collaboration you bring to the table, for the great resources you share and the personal connections we have made.  I am always in awe at how working through the arts truly connects people and I feel like our community here is very connected and real!  So thank you.

Enjoy your week and may we always be grateful for the wonderful things and people in our lives.