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Asking students to finish this simple sentence can get a lot of information.  This kind of info is really helpful if you want to break that barrier and get to know your students better.  Sometimes it’s easier for people to share more about themselves through writing or sketching.  This paper allows students to do just that.

I’ve used this method with my students for a number of years and with a number of age groups, and I do end up with some vital information that is very helpful.  I will learn things such as hidden talents, interests, family dynamics and academic stressors.  Students have written things that are fun and interesting to things that have led to deep conversations and trips to the guidance counselor.  No matter the depth, it always leads to a better connection with your students.  Something every SEAL teacher strives for!

Some examples over the years have included:

“I want my teacher to know that I just got a new keyboard.

“I want my teacher to know that I play video games at night.  That’s why I’m so tired.”

“I want my teacher to know that  I like math.

“I want my teacher to know that nothing.

“I want my teacher to know that I do not want to sit next to ‘Billy’ anymore.”

“I want my teacher to know that music class stresses me out!

The thing is that your students need a chance to talk to you and not everyone has the voice to do that.  This paper gives ALL your students an opportunity to let you know what’s important to them.

Try this out anytime of the year: to begin the school year or after getting back from a break.  It’s great to do either when you are just getting to know your students or after you’ve had them for a while.  Oftentimes it takes more than one time to get students to truly express their ideas, comments and needs, so make sure you do this more than just once.

Being a SEAL teacher is what your students needs.  You know that!  I hope you are able to use this simple tool to keep reaching out to your students.


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