It’s almost summertime and so many teachers are thinking about taking a class or two (along with going to the beach and catching up on some personal reading.)  If this is you, you just might be interested in the summer Arts Integration & STEAM Retreat that is taking place ON the ocean.  But, I get it if you might not want to.  Let’s take a few moments and go over some of the reasons I’ve heard people don’t think they should attend the retreat.  (And guess what?  I’m going to debunk them!  Read on, my friends…)

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Attend the Teacher Art Retreat

fivehand1.  You are already an arts teacher.  (You already know some of this stuff or you already make time to get creative.)

Well, if there’s one thing artists and arts teachers (those who teach music, visual, digital, PE, dance, etc.) don’t get, is the chance to take some arts-based professional development.  Well, this is it!  Come and share your talents, learn new skills, reinvent what you already do and get to network with other like-minded educators that VALUE your work!

2.  You’re not artistic.

I hear this one a lot.  I completely understand.  However, if there was ever an atmosphere to get creative without fear, this is it!  The people who attend these retreats have a huge span of skills and all are so welcoming and supportive no matter who you are, what your position in education or your artistic skill level.  Every year, a new mix of people come together and support each other in all the work that we do!  You will leave feeling happy and accomplished.  I promise!

3.  You want to take a break from classes this summer.

I get it.  So do I.  But if you were ever looking for a break in what you can get in a normal class, this is it!  We create stuff.  We have fun.  This is professional development that is created with the teacher in mind.  I know – I made it.  And if there ever was an advocate for teachers enjoying the work they do, it’s me.  This is as much for yourself as it is for your work with students.  Not to mention our location is on the ocean.  So, you will definitely get that sense of summer.

4.  You won’t learn anything that applies to what you teach or your position in the school.

You may be surprised at what you do learn while at the retreat.  I promise you, you will come away with some ideas for your classroom or teaching space.  Each day we will take time to reflect on what we have learned and apply it what you do specifically.  In addition, you will learn more about the creative process and how that parallels itself to your students’ learning processes as well.  With all the wonderful people you will meet, a group brainstorm will prove to be very powerful!

5.  You will be on vacation with your family.

Sorry, I have no solution to this one.  🙁  We will miss you!  (Although we did once have a school principal take a one day break from vacationing with family to visit us at the retreat… just sayin’)

5 Reasons to Attend the Retreat

1. This is PD created for us!fivehand

I created the Teacher Art Retreat to be something I would not only learn from, but would thoroughly enjoy.  I know you will too!

2.  The workshops are different each year.  (You can keep coming back!)

Every year, there is something different, but just as fun and engaging.  Make sure you check out the workshops we have lined up for this year.  Many of our retreaters come back year after year to engage in new art forms and workshops.

3.  You will enjoy the food and the friendships.

Lunch is provided each day (as well as all the materials you’ll need).  And as for the people: it will be another amazing group of educators.  I’m not kidding.  I make new friends every summer!  (And very much enjoy connecting with Repeater Retreaters!)

4.  You will get credit.

You will get professional development hours for your time at the retreat.  However, if you want, you can also register to for 3 graduate credits that are available for local and long distance retreaters.

5. Your students will reap the rewards.

Whether you implement strategies learned from the retreat, or change the way you look at your curriculum, your students will certainly be inspired by your work (both directly and indirectly) at the retreat.

Boy, I hope I’ve convinced you to join us this summer.  Don’t miss out!