Introducing Social-Emotional Artistic Learning.

Join The Inspired Classroom on the journey to learn about  SEAL!  Social-Emotional Artistic Learning

For many years now, I have been exploring how arts integration strategies can apply to CASEL’s SEL  competencies.  They are a natural combination!

As one of my art colleagues and Repeater Retreater, Kate Bernardoni, put it once,

Art IS SEL!”

Nothing could be more true.  When we are teaching students about arts skills and how to apply them to their lives, we are teaching them Self-Awareness.  When listening to music to help regulate our emotions, we are practicing Self-Management.  Student interaction with others in drama-inspired activities promotes the use of Social-Awareness.  And when we move and dance with one another, we build Relationship Skills.  And throughout, we work on Making Responsible Decisions: for ourselves and with others.

The idea behind introducing Social-Emotional Artistic Learning is that we can use arts integration strategies specifically to teach, build and practice social-emotional learning competencies. As with any true arts integration, we will teach arts standards at the same time that we teach SEL competencies.

SEAL combines two amazing approaches to learning!

Arts Integration + Social-Emotional Learning = SEAL

As you may already know, the arts are powerful for learning as they can reach us at our own personal level of understanding while expanding our understanding of other content. That’s why arts integration strategies are so successful. Now, we are ready to learn ways arts integration can develop our learning about our social-emotional well-being.

We at The Inspired Classroom understand that our students need to build Social-Emotional skills.  That’s why we have taken on the exciting path of exploring all things SEAL!

Let’s Get You Started with SEAL

To start, we’ve created a SEAL Starter Kit where you can get access to some basic information, 4 SEAL activities, 2 SEAL Lessons and our most popular SEAL tool!  You can sign up to get your FREE copy here:

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Included are: 4 SEAL activities, 2 of our most popular SEAL lessons and our best SEAL tool: the emotion wheel.

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    Get Trained in SEAL!

    Another is through our amazing course SEAL Teacher Training!  In this course, teachers truly take a journey to learning how to effectively implement SEAL strategies into their classroom as they empower themselves to reach and teach their students through the arts!

    Learn about SEAL on YouTube

    You can also check out our YouTube channel where one of our playlists is devoted to all things SEAL! If we dedicate ourselves to helping students build their SEAL skills, then we are building our future. Think about the implications of improving students’ SEAL!

    SEAL provides:

    • naturally differentiated instruction for all learners.
    • avenues to explore individual needs and growth.
    • opportunities to work cooperatively with others.
    • methods to express emotion and understand that emotion.
    • strategies to practice social situations and how to act and react to others. natural connections to empathy.
    • a safe and supportive learning environment where students are allowed to explore themselves and the world around them.

    It is my hope that you will join me learning more about SEAL. Are you interested? You can start here with our SEAL Starter Kit!

    For all things SEAL, Go to and get more information to start implementing SEAL strategies in your classroom right now!

    Teachers First!

    As always, The Inspired Classrooms commitment is to inspire teachers first!

    And that is why in SEAL, we focus on the importance of YOU, the educator who is with the students every day.  You have the ability to make such a difference in your students’ lives.

    A large part of SEAL is not just the amazing integrated activities and lessons, but also the emphasis on the things that make a true SEAL Teacher!

    Your Next Step

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