We want you to get some great arts integration resources in your hands NOW! So, since this is the weekend for THREE amazing art conferences we’re going to celebrate with a HUGE sale!


THREE conferences?

yup.  The Inspired Classroom’s Winter Teacher Art Retreat starts Friday after school and continues all day on Saturday.

Our dear friend, Susan Riley of Education Closet is holding her annual winter STEAM conference this Saturday. (Tune in for my session “Listen to Learn” for some great music integration ideas!)

And the well-respected Jessica Balsley from The Art of Education is holding her amazing online winter conference for art teachers too!

So, we are going BIG on this BIG weekend of arts learning for teachers by giving teachers 50% off.  That’s right!  50% off.  We’ve never done this and may not ever do it again!  50% off ALL our digital and print books.


Want to try some music integration strategies that will get your students (and you) listening to music no matter what content you teach?  Check out Inspired by Listening!  ($12)

Want to feed your students’ creative sides and teach them about the creative process?  Give Studio Days ($8) a try!

We also have 50% off our Celebrating Beethoven ($2) book and our April best seller: Independent Poetry Projects ($2) for poetry month.  Don’t forget our all-time best seller in our series of digital books: Integrating Norman Rockwell with Reading. ($2.50)

There’s so much to explore and this is the time to do it!

So, go and check out our store…


Why am I doing this?  Because it’s all about US! YOU!  The teachers who have a DESIRE and PASSION to bring the arts into students learning.

So here’s your chance to get more inspiration for your classrooms!