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It’s that time of year! I’m so excited that we are planning for this summer’s Teacher ArtsInt & STEAM Retreat.  And this year we are ON the OCEAN!  Yep, our location this summer is at the Ashworth Inn on Hampton Beach, Hampton, NH.  Start making your plans for August 6, 7 and 8.

Our workshop sessions are always so wonderful because they are led by teachers and artists who allow the participants to dig into a project, gain experiences and reflect on them.  We’ve had everything from music to drama to poetry to visual art, movement, storytelling, math, film and history.  Each session gives a new perspective on an art form as well as a new perspective on teaching our students – no matter what level or subject we teach.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what great ideas and talents will emerge from this call for proposals!

This year’s retreat will be held from August 6-8, 8am-3:30pm:

Three days of  inspiration for YOU and your teaching!

We are officially putting out a Call for Proposals to teachers and artists everywhere to conduct a 2 1/2 hour workshop during the retreat.

Are you interested?  Great!  So now think…

Do you have a talent or idea you’d like to share with other teachers?

Are you inspiring your students with an art form?

Do you or a colleague want to share your success story with others?

Would you like a complimentary registration to attend the Teacher Art Retreat this summer?

Johanna presents on Vocal Health for Educators.

If so, you may want to submit a proposal for this year’s retreat!

These sessions may revolve around visual art, music, drama, storytelling, movement, dance, poetry or any other art form.  Each session should be 2 ½ hours in length and actively involve the participants, giving them inspiration for themselves and their teaching and ideas to bring back to their own classrooms.

Want ideas?  Have participants create something, play a game, get up and move, make some noise, draw or write, work with others …  The emphasis should be on having participants DO what you are presenting.

Educators are welcome to submit more than one proposal.  Accepted proposals include one complimentary registration for the Teacher Art Retreat 2014.

If you are ready to summit a proposal, scroll down!

Deadline for submitting proposals is March 17, 2018.  The proposals will be anonymously reviewed by a panel of teachers and you will be notified of your proposal’s status by March 31st.

Want to Pre-Register?

And for those of you who already know you want to attend the retreat, you can pre-register before March 31st and get a great deal: $280 for 3 amazing days!  (Regular registration price will be $315.)

Teacher Art Retreat

Price: $315.00

Registration Rates :
3 Graduate Credits

Price: $450.00

Want more info about this summer’s retreat?  Visit the TAR18 page now!

I hope to see YOU at the retreat!


Call for Proposals

If you are interested in presenting at the upcoming Summer Teacher ArtsInt & STEAM Retreat, please fill out the following information.
  • In 50 words or less. This would be used in print marketing for the retreat.
  • Please add any details about your workshop here.
  • Please list and materials needed to be purchased by The Inspired Classroom and presentation needs such as projector, chart paper, sound system, etc. (You can also mention the materials you will bring to carry out your workshop.)
  • Please indicate what retreaters will come away with after your presentation. (activity ideas, visual art, lesson plans, experiences, etc.)
  • Please tell a bit about yourself (preferably in the 3rd person).
Arts Integration for the Art Teacher
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