As an education professional, there are lots of things you need or want to spend extra dollars on. You might need a new book as lesson-planning help, or a specialized binder to keep paperwork in order.

But classroom décor?

That’s probably not what you want to invest in!  Luckily there are great ideas to spruce up your classroom without sacrificing lots of cash.

Take chalkboard: The real stuff is heavy and expensive—but it can be easily faked, which means it can be applied to all sorts of surfaces and furniture pieces. You can also cleverly store all those classroom supplies in everything from decorative jars to wine racks.

Kids in your classroom probably always need spots to sit, and sometimes ordinary chairs aren’t as conducive to classroom learning. But a two- or three-person bench out of inexpensive crates? That’s better for your classroom.

Find more ideas to outfit your learning space in this graphic.

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Jazz Up Your Classroom Décor on the Cheap