halloween_theme_showing_vampire_bats_a_full_moon_and_a_jack_o_lantern_0071-1006-2518-1102_smuOnomatopoeia, it is such a freaky word,

But on Halloween, to not use it would simply be absurd.

There are so many sounds that we hear around this spooky time.

You should use it in your writing, or while slurping up some slime. 😉


You could think of cackling witches, or a door that goes creeeaaak,

swooshing, whirring bat or a kid that screams, “EEEK!”

The howling, wooshing wind that smashes at your door,

Or an ugly, moaning monster that keeps booming back for more.


There are splooshes, sploshesgurgles that come from a hot, black pot.

And some purrs and squeaks and whistles, or a split, splat, splot!

There are many girples, gushes and some mumbles in there too,

So don’t forget those sound words that send tingly chills through you!


Happy writing for this Halloween!


I originally wrote this post for Big Universe on  Oct 30, 2012.

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