female HS teacherIs it bad that now that our state testing is over I feel like a teacher again?  As my students were testing Tuesday and Wednesday, I was free to do some work.  As I sat at my desk, obliged to ignore any questions the students may have about the content of the test,  I was looking through curriculum, checking out materials I have stuffed in my bookshelf and generating ideas for how I could approach the topics that will carry us through June.  And I have to say it was a good feeling.  I’m feeling like a creative teacher again: planning learning experiences that will spark my students’ interests and challenge them to use their skills.

After so much time prepping for tests and cramming in learning sessions to get these kids ready for high stakes assessments (as fun as some of it may have been), it will be nice to plan meaningful experiences for my students to learn.

But I kind of have to wonder, is that bad that now that our state testing is over, I feel like a teacher again?

Short and sweet today…


PS – That’s not a picture of me.