The Teacher Art Retreat is underway and we have an excited group of educators.  Today we move, tomorrow we listen and Wednesday we decoupage.  All through the three days we will be puppeteering, drumming, creating and growing as we learn new skills and develop our talents as artists and teachers.  I can’t wait to share more with you during and after the retreat.

I have posed this thought to the retreaters early on: an idea and a challenge that was once of my best take-aways from the Connectivity Conference put on by Education Closet:

Create something the first day of school.”

Too often the first day of school is spent going over protocols and procedures.  While these things are important, wouldn’t it be great if students could spend some real time creating something?  What a great way to introduce the feel for your year, your philosophy of teaching to the kids and your behavioral expectations of them.

As we work through our experiences, I want us to consider this and figure out a way for our students, no matter what our capacity in the school, to create something.  You consider it too!  What types of things could you have your students spend time creating on the first day?