I. Love. April.  It is truly my favorite month to be a teacher.  (April 1st is probably the only first-of-the-month that I find myself totally prepared for…did I just admit that?)  Not only is it about the daffodils and spring, the warm sun and the new, green grass, it’s because it is both Jazz and Poetry month!   There are SO many things you can do with jazz and poetry.   Make sure you check out more through those links I added in.

But April is also the self-imposed due date I have to get all the information about the retreat out to you.  No “April Fools” there!  This summer’s 2014 Teacher Art Retreat is scheduled and ready for official registrations to be made.

zen-garden rock

You don’t want to miss it either!  This year we have puppetry, music, dance, science, literacy, decoupage and, of course, drumming.  We have teachers, artists and arts integration specialists coming together to give you a great line-up of workshops that will have you creating, laughing and relaxing as you earn professional development that is inspirational to you and your teaching.

But before you head over to our TAR14 page, check out this great video made mostly from the fun we had at last year’s retreat.  It’s a great way to get a feel for what the retreat is all about.

Can’t see the video?  Go here to watch it.

Now go – Go to see what we have in store for you this summer!  Summer 2014 Teacher Art Retreat Page

See you at the retreat!


Summer 2014 Teacher Art Retreat Page (You can register online here.)

Summer 2014 Teacher Art Retreat Downloadable Flyer (You can use this to register through the mail.)