Be it out in the open,

or shut behind closed doors,

We all have a story – one that defines

who we are

how we behave

the choices we make.

Sad and Lonely

When I looked inside one child’s story the other day

I saw sadness and grief.

And in another’s there was loneliness

And another’s revealed fear.

Behind the distant looks and inability to focus

was a need to be heard,

a longing for a hug.

Not everyone’s backstory is laden with love or wrapped in support.

You know what I mean.

So when you get frustrated with a child’s lack of this

or over use of that.


we all have a backstory.

Whether we dig it up or not

it’s there

and we must be respectful of it.

And of the child (or adult)

who has lived it.


In the spirit of poetry month, this post comes to you in poetic form.  It is a message to myself as much as to my readers.

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