Listening to instructions before it's time to play.

If you have ever felt uninspired at your professional development, then you are not alone.  Teachers want to go into a PD experience that will give them great ideas and rejuvenate their teaching.  As I always say, you have to get inspired to be inspiring…

That’s why I created the Teacher Art Retreat.  It’s a time for teachers to be creative and share great experiences with other wonderful educators.  It’s teacher-centered!  If we don’t feed our own creative juices, then how can we expect to pay that forward to our students?

2014 will mark our fourth annual Teacher Art Retreat and every year, I’m always ecstatic to see the happy faces of fellow educators working and playing (and relaxing) in the enjoyment of creative professional development.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Watch and enjoy what others have to say about the Teacher Art Retreat.

So, I hope you do consider joining us this year!

And if you pre-register, you can get a great deal: 3 days of PD for only $175!

I hope to see you at the retreat. 😉


Reflections on My Classroom - Is it Inspiring?
Retreat Registration is Open