As a new year is well underway, I thought it would be fun to explore with you what truly makes an Inspired Classroom.  So, I’ll start by putting the question out to all:

What makes an Inspired Classroom?

I think it breaks down into two main things: the teacher and the room.

The Teacher:  To inspire students, you need to have a wonderful, inspiring teacher.  One that is positive and uplifting to his or her students.  Who encourages and coaches as much as imparts knowledge and the love of learning to students.

The Room: To inspire students, the room needs to have a certain feel to it.  It must be welcoming and inviting.  There should be a layout that cultivates good communication, creativity, and places to explore and study.

Of course, through the years, we have looked at these two things in other posts.  If you are interested in reading further, check out some of these great articles:

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So, as we begin this long term series for 2014, please add your thoughts in the comments:

What makes an Inspiring Classroom?


P.S. Interested in writing a guest post for this series?  Don’t hesitate to contact me!