So, Monday evening I was concerned and writing about how we retreaters were told there is “NO Music!” at the Community Center where we were holding our annual Teacher Art Retreat and enjoying each other’s company for 15 minutes after lunch through a drumming circle.

Well, many people chimed in with their opinions (thank you for commenting and Tweeting your thoughts!)  And I am happy to say, what started out as an uncomfortable experience, turned into one of fun!

During our second day, I asked our group to play quietly.  Louise volunteered to play an ostinato on a drum while the rest of us used egg shakers.  It was simple and a little shaky (ha – get it, we used shakers!) but we shook and smiled.  But then, Carol (the rebel! 😉 ) decided to grab a small drum, then Andrea, got up to take the guiro, Nick sat down with a finger piano and Roy introduced a beach ball.  (Yes, I just said a beach ball!)  Little by little, others added in a new instrument or sound and, well, it was a beautiful collage of rhythm.

Our final day, we decided to take our drums an outdoor amphitheater in the downtown.  We sat in the sun, some played, a couple listened, and one of us started drawing.  It was pretty cool.  Many people passed by, slowed down, turned their heads and smiled.  (Although none looked long enough to see us gesture for them to join us.  Oh well, maybe next time.)

And on our way back to the Cultural Center, we passed a father with his 3-year-old son who looked at us in wonder.  Dona offered him the chance to hit the drum.  He loved it!

A frown from Monday’s neighbor was replaced with the smiling face of a child.  Gotta love that!

Enjoy this montage of our drumming from the second two days.  🙂


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