There sure is a LOT to do at the end of a school year.  Hopefully you are almost done with your list.  I’m checking things off at a rapid speed now as today is my last day with my students.

  • Finish Report Cards!
  • Pass in your teacher binder, keys and badge
  • Give the office your summer contact information
  • Clean out your desk
  • Pack up your room in boxes
  • Take things off the walls
  • Draw a map of your room (so it’s back in place come fall)
  • Write a list of things you want to do differently next year
  • Register for the Teacher Art Retreat!
As you check off your own list, don’t forget that last one on the list and make sure you are set to attend the third annual Teacher Art Retreat!  It is quite possibly the best professional development you will ever get because it it built just for YOU.
Ask a friend and colleague to join you – this is PD for Creative Teachers!

“An amazing experience of creativity and professional development that truly feeds our souls.”  Amy M.

Join other preK-12 educators in an event of discovery and inspiration for yourself and your teaching.  Experience the creative process and learn new ways to integrate the arts into the work you do with your students every day.


Get Inspired, Be Inspiring!

Don’t miss out!

  • Hands-On workshops built for creative teachers
  • Earn PDPs or Graduate Credit (That’s right! Grad credit!  It may be just want you are looking for!)
  • Workshops led by teachers and artists
  • Join a community of like-minded educators that believe in the power of arts in education
  • Incredibly affordable

Visit for all the details including workshop descriptions and to register online!

“Best take away from the retreat?  The people, interactions, sharing, laughter; the information and the chance to grow.” ~ Judy L.

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