What is a did list?  It’s a list you make AFTER you accomplish things, not before.  Sure we all make To Do lists, but at the end of a school year (or any time of year) it’s great to take a moment and reflect on things you have done – create a Did List.  Here are some reasons I love Did Lists.

1. Realize Your Accomplishments

Creating a list (short or long) of what you did during a span of time, is a great way to view your accomplishments.  Maybe you want to create a list of things you were able to get done on a rainy Saturday or the fun things you did on a family vacation.  At the end of a school year, you can list some of the projects, lessons and professional development you did to better your teaching and classroom.  No matter the topic or length of the list, a did list can really make you feel good about what you were able to do.

2. Review Your Year

A Did List can act as a sort of reflection, a chance to look back on your year of school (or your rainy Saturday at home) and reflect on that time.  Review and reflection can be very satisfying.  You will acknowledge what went well, what flopped, and what could be improved.

3. Help Yourself Set New Goals

Reading over your Did List, you may find things you will make sure you do again next year.  Undoubtedly, you may find that your list is not as complete as you would like it to be. Either way, you can start to plan ahead and set new goals for the following school year (or next time you have that rainy Saturday.)

There is too much focus on things we need to do.  Let’s face it, the list could go on and on.  So take a moment and list some of the things you have already done.  Then feel contentment in the work you have accomplished!

Please add your Did List to the comments below.  I did.  😉


Join in on a fun Twitter chat we are hosting alongside Marly Parker (@drama_teacher) as we lead a discussion on our Did Lists and Setting Goals for next year.  It will be held on Thursday, June 13, 2013 from 7:30-8:30 pm EST using the hashtag #artsint.

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