Grace lost a tooth!

My plan was to write a post this month having to do with staying positive in the classroom and I might still do that. But as I was watching the finale of The Office last night, the last words spoken by Pam Halpert really stayed with me.

There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things.  Isn’t that the point?”

Watching the review of Pam’s character’s journey along with all the others, through the last nine years made me think of how time flies.  We don’t realize how far we really do come in just a few years until you sit and reflect.

When that show started I was at a different school, teaching music to middle schoolers in a different state.  I was newly married and was just starting to find myself professionally.  And when I think of where I am now, I can see that the journey is only continuing.  It’s certainly not done.

But the point here is that as we go through this journey, we need to remember the ordinary things, not just define our existence by the huge highlights in our lives.

So, what ordinary things do you see beauty in?

  • Children’s smiles.
  • Laughter across the room.
  • The colors in the garden.
  • Seeing my friends each day.
  • A text from my husband.

That’s my list of beautifully ordinary things.  What’s yours?


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