it’s powerful.
But to some
it makes them powerless.
Left there with just a pencil
they feel they have nothing to write.

But there are
so many ways
so many things
that can be written
and can be done.

As a teacher,
the first thing
is to write yourself.
You know – get inspired,
before you can be inspiring.

So write a haiku,
a couplet,
a limerick,
a line.
Try some Dada,
a cinquain,
a free verse
and find
That YOU can do it
and enjoy it yourself.

And then share.

Put it all out there.

And get kids writing.

And get them reading poetry too.
Give them ideas on topics and styles.
Get them to see they can write by the piles.
Make them prolific, have them write everyday.
Have them write, short or long, in a variety of ways.

Just make it happen.

And then, they’ll find a concept,
an idea that they like.
It somehow just works for them
so foster that right
then and there and then ask them to
continue to write.

You just have to start them
get them started
get them going.

Just see where it takes you,
where it takes them.

Go do it,

And please share.


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