It’s April!!!  YAY!  I love April.  There is so much happening that you can take advantage of as an educator.  Let’s count the ways.

1) Let’s start with POETRY highlights!


4+1 Reasons to Get Poetry into Your Classroom

poetryPoetry is great!  ‘Come on, don’t you agree?  Poetry can be sweet and rhyme-y or in-your-face  and raw.  It contains so much passion, so many illusions.  It can tell a story, describe an emotion, explain a situation or throw down the truth.  But how much time do we actually commit to poetry in our classrooms?  […] Full Story »


Poetry in Balance – Part 1: Appreciation

Last night on #ntchat (New Teacher chat) we discussed resources and ideas to use for National Poetry Month.    During the chat, someone tweeted me a “ponder”: I was taught a poet, then made 2 mimic. Valuable? Exposure was, not regurgitation. how to start? #ntchat ~@theHelpGroup To which I replied: I hear ya! There needs to be a balance […] Full Story »


Poetry in Balance: Part 2 – Creation

In Part 1 of “Poetry in Balance”, I focused on the importance of teaching students poetry appreciation.  But to have a good study of poetry, just as with the study of any art form, you must balance it out with creation.  This month I am requiring my students to write one poem each day […]  Full Story »


Put a Poem in Your Pocket

Poem in Your Pocket Day is such a fun way to celebrate poetry during National Poetry Month. For this day, you find a poem or write a poem and keep it handy (in your pocket) so that you can read it to anyone and everyone you come in […]  Full Story »


Where I’m From – Poetry Activity

Studying this poem and then creating a sort of copy-cat poem from it is a great activity for your students (and YOU) to do. This poem, Where I’m From written by George Ella Lyon, is a touching one that gives insight to the person who wrote it through the senses and visualization.  From family […]  Full Story »

Teacher Poetry

 Teachers love poetry too!  We should be reading and creating it as much as we want our students to. Last night was a fun 4th grade chat ( #4thchat) on Twitter with other 4th grade teachers.  The topic was poetry and one teacher, Nancy Carroll ‏ @ncarroll24 asked: Does anyone write poems alongside their […]  Full Story »


2)  April is Jazz Appreciation Month!


Jazzing up Your Resources

It’s Jazz Appreciation Month and whether you teach music or love music, this is a great time to share this American art form with your students. Here are some JAZZ online resources for you to have at your fingertips including an online playlist you can play straight from your computer at school. […] Full Story »


When You Can Make it Jazz

What is jazz? It is the ultimate freedom in structure. The goal for me in teaching is to teach as if I were playing jazz. But how? First by finding the structure, and allowing myself to be creative and free. Here is what I mean. Growing up, my piano teacher trained me classically and she […] Full Story »


Jazzy DADA

This month we celebrate POETRY and JAZZ. Here is an activity I would like to share with you that you can use immediately with your students to celebrate jazz, poetry and promote freedom in structure! DADA poetry was first written by artists and poets in Paris France. They clipped words from newspapers, scrambled them and […] Full Story »


3)  Earth Day is in April!


Did you know you can pledge to “Go Paperless” for Earth Day?  It may seem limiting at first, but soon you will see all the possibilities!  Your students may even want to add their own suggestions as you Go Paperless for an entire day. “We can work on the computers,” said one student. […] Full Story »


Creative Ways to Teach Kids About the Green Lifestyle

Earth's Continents Formed Out of LeavesToday’s guest post introduces us to some creative ways to get students to learn about being green – a very important topic!  Enjoy.  ~EMP Companies around the globe are investing in cleaner, greener technology – so isn’t it time we invested some of our own energy in boosting students’ eco-awareness? These days, environmental education […]  Full Story »


4) Celebrate Patriots’ Day!


Celebrating Patriots’ Day

Coming from Massachusetts, Patriots’ Day is something I grew up celebrating. Actually, being born into a family who was part of a Revolutionary War reenactment group, I grew up colonial. My first Patriots’ Day parade found me at about 11 months old being carted behind my mother in a wooden wagon.  From there I was traveling to […] Full Story »

I’m From Muskets and Music

Years ago, I wrote my own “I’m From” poem as part of a class I was taking for my CAGS degree in Arts, Leadership and Learning from Plymouth State.  It’s starts with, “I’m from muskets and music.” […] Full Story »

5) It’s finally Spring!


The Daffodil Principle (A Beautiful Story and Lesson)

My grandmother loved them, undoubtedly because they were a sure sign of spring.  When my husband and I bought our home, it came with daffodils lining up the rock wall and rounding the corner of our house.  It was that first spring living here that I too fell in love with the brilliantly colored flower.  […] Full Story »

So enjoy this month and chime in on Facebook about the great things you do in April.  It’s always fun to share ideas!

Happy April!


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