Tomorrow I will be giving a workshop called, “Teaching Literacy through Music and the Arts.”  In preparation for this workshop, I am gathering some resources and articles that pertain to the topics we will be exploring.  So, today I offer you this list to bookmark and refer to whether you are taking the class or not.  I hope you find these resources helpful!

Music and Literacy are Related Topics

Stories in Music

The Connections Between Music and Reading


How to go about integrating music into your teaching:

Active Listening Time – A Vehicle for the Music-Literacy Connection

The Clues in Music


Methods of Music Integration:

Practice Rereading with Music

The Good Things about Reading (and Listening) Again

The BME Rule

Story Beginnings and Beethoven

Visualization in Music and Writing

Reinforce the Writing Process through Musical Creation

Using music to help struggling readers


Integration Ideas (activities) to Try:

Musical Stories and Beethoven

DaDa, Bach and Halloween (a fun activity to try)

Grasping a Teachable, Musical Moment to Write

The Blues, Storytelling and Science

Grooveshark – Making Playlists for the Classroom


Other Artforms that Integrate with Literacy:

Inferring with Norman Rockwell – Finding the Clues

The Arts and Literacy: Part One (focus on Movement and Theatre)

The Arts and Literacy: Part Two (focus on Music)

The Arts and Literacy: Part Three (focus on Visual Arts)


Books in print and ebooks that promote teaching literacy through the arts:

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