I first saw this saying while looking through magazines to create a vision board during last summer’s Teacher Art Retreat.  I quickly tore out the page and hung it in my office at home.

Just the other day, I was visiting with a local artist, Renee Schneider (who happens to be this summer’s Teacher Art Retreat “focus project” presenter) and she had it in her studio as well.

It comes from an ad, and unfortunately, I can’t remember which one.  (Maybe a reader will recognize it and give it credit.)

Regardless, it is a great message worth sharing with you today.  Let’s face it, without art, the earth would be just kinda, well, eh…

I can’t imagine a world with out music.  How bland would that be?  And the art that I notice more and more as I get older is the wonderful world of design.  There is so much art in all the things we own and materials we use.

What art on Earth can you not imagine living without?