Our guest post today is from Jenna Smith who reminds us of some important technology skills students need. Sometimes we overlook the basics (word processing) or ignore what we think students already have a handle on (social media), but it’s becoming our responsibility to take these on.  ~EMP

Since so many jobs incorporate technology, it is important to have a basic understanding of certain programs. Teachers these days have a responsibility to prepare students for the highly technology-based nature of many contemporary careers. Here are a few strategies for incorporating progressive, tech-based teaching solution and resources into a classroom environment:

Take Word Processing Skills Seriously

Word processing isn’t just knowing how to press ‘bold’ and change the font. These days, everyone, especially students, needs to know how to use the programs and tools in the Microsoft Office Suite. Word is the default word processing program. Most companies and professional organizations use Excel to manage their accounts. PowerPoint presentations are regular features at company meetings and corporate conferences. Even the most menial office jobs require working knowledge of all of these programs.

HTML, Programming, and CMS

Knowledge of basic HTML and programming is becoming more essential in and out of the classroom as well. The ability to write code will empower students to be able to administer their own webpages and blogs. Additionally, students should know how to manage a blog using a CMS.

While learning a CMS will minimize how much HTML a student needs to learn, both are important and work together to create a powerful online skill base. Teachers should incorporate online tutorials regarding both HTML and CMS use. More advanced students can move on to higher-tier programming software.

Social Media

Teachers should also be aware of how important social media is as a research tool for students. Frequent users of Facebook and Twitter, as well as social bookmarking sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon, have an advantage over those who do not understand these services. These are unparalleled ways to research subjects, fact check, and crowdsource professional opinions. Teachers should integrate discussions of the uses of social media into their lesson plans.

Writing skills

Hands down, one of the most important skills for students to learn in the classroom is solid writing abilities. The ability to write is a tool that will make them great job applicants and will prepare them for upper-level positions in almost any career. Teachers should constantly integrate writing activities into assignments.

Today’s students are expected to have wide-ranging sets of skills. The IT and programming courses at Akron college or any other accredited college nationwide can help people develop the skills that they will need in order to secure gainful and satisfying employment. Even jobs that do not seem tech-oriented will usually require applicants to know the basics of IT. Such colleges also offer all of the core courses that give students the writing instruction that they need to become the polished and well-spoken professionals that their employers will need them to be.

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