It’s summertime at The Inspired Classroom!

For so many teachers summertime is a time for a little R&R.  Don’t get me wrong, it is for me too!  I love having a chance to spend time with my kids, hit the beach and vacation with my family.  It’s also a great chance to clean the house (well, we’ll get to that at some point) and do some long term projects I’ve been putting off.

But a break from school also means a chance to really get some school work done.  Sometimes the best professional time is spent outside of the classroom working, thinking, reading and collaborating about what we do with our students.

My summer break has already seen me collaborating on common core curriculum in my district and working on my new book Studio Days (as well as having a mini vacation with my family.)  I’ve been checking out new ed apps for the ipad, trying out new programs online and reading up on best practices from articles and blogs from my amazing PLN.

I’m looking forward to reading for my own enjoyment and catching up with old friends as well as blogging here about a variety of topics.  Be looking for great new tech resources and ideas to try out in the new school year.  I will also be blogging about the common core and how it integrates well with the arts.

In addition, I am so excited for the professional development I will be involved with this summer.

Along with an artsint grad course in July, I will be presenting two webinars for Connectivity an Arts Integration Virtual Conference. This is an all day online conference filled with great information, ideas and applications of arts integration. GO HERE for more information!

The highlight of my summer, of course, is the Summer Teacher Art Retreat where teachers gather together for three days and work hands-on in the arts bringing back arts infused ideas to their own curriculum.  This summer’s retreat is focusing on music, storytelling, math, history and visual art.  For more information about that great PD for creative teachers, go to the RETREAT page!

Here’s a fun video showing some of the work teachers did last year at the retreat:

Needless to say, summers are busy.  If you are an educator fortunate enough to have a break, be sure to enjoy it!  We are so lucky to work in a profession that allows us a chance to regroup and prepare ourselves before jumping into the next year.

And please, let us know in the comments what exciting (and not so exciting) things you are doing this summer!