With trillions of websites on the Internet, there are a lot of educational resources floating around out there that you may have never heard of. Whether you want to learn about the Civil War or get the answer to a  complicated math problem, there’s probably a resource out there that can help you. Since most students don’t have the cash to drop hundreds of dollars on resources, here are some free resources you may want to consider:

#1 MoodleShare 

This massive resource is the ultimate resource for all ages. No matter what you’re studying or what you grade you’re in, MoodleShare has it all.  Here, you will find lesson plans, videos, and activities to help with your homework, practice courses and discussion groups. Working on a voting system, the higher rated guides will be near the top.

#2 Connexions 

Using something called modules, Connexions created a website that allows teachers and students to create their own collections of work. Whether you want to add your own work, look at others’ or talk with instructors, this website allows you to learn and contribute for free.

#3 Free Curricula Center 

Helping students worldwide, the Free Curricula Center was designed to help students reach their full potential in the classroom.  Copied and modified freely, students are able to look at posted textbooks, guides created by credible instructors and online tools that can help any student succeed.  All offered for free; many third-world countries, such as Africa, are finding themselves using this awesome resource to help better their  education system.

#4 Google for Educators 

Google isn’t only a search engine but they also have a massive amount of information for both students and teachers. Download applications for your smart phone, view educator resources, watch videos and even search lesson plans. Whether you’re studying as a pharmacy tech in college or studying for your high school exams, this is a great way to connect and share with other students and teachers in the world.

#5 Curriki 

Geared more toward those who are in kindergarten to 12th grade, Curriki is the greatest wiki-based website that provides students with a variety of tools.  Download exercises, communicate with teachers and even publish your own content. Any content that you view has already been rated by other peers, so you will know exactly what is going to help you with your education.

These are all great free educational tools that you should take advantage of.  No matter what your learning level is, a fair majority of these sites can help you succeed with your homework and exams.

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