Today is National Teacher Day.

With so many mixed feelings about our profession, a day like this is important to remember and even take a little seriously.  Our job is not easy; there are many obstacles and challenges.  From the struggling students we yearn to reach to the occational parent that doesn’t do their part, from the testing that is looming over our job to the seemingly growing distaste with the education system we work so hard to reform.  Yet, there are the great things too and those are the things we need to keep in mind.

No matter where you are coming from here are some ways to celebrate this day and week.

SHOW UNITY – The union in the state I work (Massachusetts) is encouraging us to show our pride in what we do by wearing blue today.  I’m assuming blue because it is the academic color for education.  (I’m happy because it’s my favorite color. 😉 )  We are doing this to show our solidarity:  “When community members ask why we are all wearing blue, we can tell them that it’s because we work hard, and we deserve to be respected. ”  It will be nice to see the teachers in our school come together for this.

SHOW APPRECIATION – May 8th and the days surrounding it, have become a time for parents and community members to appreciate what we do for our children.  In fact, each year I really look forward to the teacher luncheon and other fun things our PTA puts on for we teachers.

But we can also show appreciation for one another.  In the last couple of years my principal has invited us to take a notecard from the office and send a word of encouragement and thanks to another teacher in our building.  I can personally say that getting these notes from colleagues is heart warming.  It’s nice to know you are appreciated!

We really should be taking a moment or two to celebrate each other.  Consider sending a note or an email to a colleague and letting them know what a difference they may in the school community.

REMEMBER THAT SPECIAL TEACHER – Teachers touch our lives!  I bet you can think of one who made a difference in your life.  Maybe they thought there was something great in you, gave you confidence in a talent you have or were just so cool, that you wanted to be just like him or her.

I invite you to read some of the great stories people have been adding to our Google Document “In Appreciation of Teachers”.  So many of them are stories of teachers who have touched the lives of their students, changed them, helped them grow, even inspired another to become a teacher.  Please consider adding your sentiment to the Google Doc.


This job is tough, believe me I know.  I was just reminded of how much of a toll it can take on you just yesterday.  I’m sure we all have our own stories…

Sometimes it can take a little push to get through the day.  This week, to take the edge of  a cough I’ve been fighting, I’ve been taking Halls cough drops.  Just yesterday I looked at the wrapper and, sure enough there was a Pep Talk on the wrapper.  (Just like their commercial promises.)  Here is what my wrapper said.  Take each line as you need it!

  • Let’s hear your battle cry.
  • Get through it.
  • Put your game face on.
  • Keep your chin up.
  • Elicit a few “wows” today.
  • Bet on yourself.

INSPIRING WORDS– There is a great website I was introduced to earlier this week on educationcloset called  “Studio 360 asked Hyperakt, a Brooklyn design studio, to create a new visual vocabulary that reflects the multi-dimensional role of teachers.”  The site showcases some great visuals that you can dowload and use. Here’s one that I particularly like.  You can print these or use them in emails to surround yourself with inspiration about what you do.

So, take a moment today to consider what you do, what the teachers in your community do and recognize this as something worthy of praise!

Enjoy your day!  ~EMP