It seems like a simple notion. Technology is an enormous part of contemporary life, why wouldn’t it be incorporated as part of education? But some school systems just don’t appear to grasp the concept. A portion of the problem is monetary – technology is costly. Another portion is the foreignness. The teachers don’t know how to use it, so how can they demonstrate its use to the kids? But as increasing numbers of children have the opportunity to become plugged into technology in classrooms, the positive effects are evident. Here are just five reasons technology works so well in the classroom.

  1. Interest – Kids like the newest things. It’s simple truth. What better way to grab your student’s attention then by teaching them with the newest gadget on the market? Half your time in the classroom is spent in an effort to make students listen and apply what you are telling them. Using laptops, tablets, iPads, etc, allow students to relate to their learning in observable, immediate ways.
  2. Practicality – Technology is now a necessary skill in the workplace. The capacity to use computers successfully is the foundation of almost any high-paying job. Why not get them on the right path from the beginning? Sure, they’ll pick up a few things on their own, but most companies are not hiring employees well versed in video games. Teach them how to use programs that employers need.
  3. Knowledge – By teaching them effectively now, you waste less time having to teach them again in the future. Why just explain history when you can impart historical lessons and how to discover history for themselves? Why teach them scientific principles alone when you can show them how to make their own discoveries? Why settle for just dumping information when you can teach them not only where to get information, but how it can be used?
  4. Flexibility – Every child has a different learning style. Some listen well, other children have to see, yet others have to do to learn. Combine these learning styles into an attractive, expedient package and get teaching. Lively presentations, active learning practices, and sound effects all augment their learning experience.
  5. Access – Maybe you have a diverse sort of classroom, with diverse learners. The disabled, ADD children, ESL students, etc. Technology is a dual gift. It offers variations in software for almost every concern, and, concurrently, helps those kids to survive in a tech-savvy world. Accessibility has never been easier.

There you have it: five reasons to add technology to your classroom. Don’t be satisfied with Word programs or a simple PowerPoint presentation; get the kids involved. Touch screens make work enjoyable, and the more fun students have learning, the more they’ll remember. Technology is no longer an indulgence; it is a life skill. Teach your students how to truly benefit from technology.

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