Just in time for April (Poetry Month) and as a send out to March (Literacy Month), I’ve finally epublished my latest eresource – The Poetry Project as the first in a series I will continue to add to in the months ahead.

The series of books is The Independent Project Series.  The purpose of these projects is to provide teachers with resources they can go to when they have students who can work successfully on their own, or when they want a special project for their students to continuously be working on through a period of time.  Each project is meant to be completed independently as they are student driven.  These are also differentiated in nature.  The teacher can adjust the working level of these projects for each student so that students are working at a pace they can handle and therefore feel successful.

So, what is the Poetry Project?  In this independent project, students will create and study poetry for a period of time. This project is differentiated through work level and reading level and is great for Poetry Month (April) or any time of the year.  Teachers can use this for individual students or their entire class.  Included are teacher instructions for implementation of both appreciation and creation of poetry, explanation of easy, yet creative poetic forms to introduce to students, reproducibles and a rubric for assessment, plus live links to other resources.

The basis of this eResource is the project I devised for my students last April.  It was quite successful.  All my students were motivated and engaged.  I talk more in depth about that experience HERE.  Basically, the project focuses on two aspects of poetry study: appreciation and creation.  Students are given focused, yet flexible activities to perform throughout the duration of the project so that they can learn more about the art form while gaining experience in creating a variety of forms of poetry as well.

I am excited to be bringing you this new eResource.  It is available in our Store.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment.

Be ready for National Poetry Month!  ~EMP