This month we celebrate literacy!  So, I wanted to share some resources with you that may help to keep you inspired as the month moves on.  First, for a listing of all the resources on this website, please check out the literacy tag.  We have numerous posts by a variety of authors on the topic of literacy.   The following posts are our most popular in the category of literacy:

This month is also Music in Our Schools month.  What a great opportunity to do a little something extra musical in your classroom.  Here are some posts that will give you easy ways to integrate music into your classroom this month:

For a listing of all our posts on integrating music and literacy together, go to THIS LINK.

Inspired by Listening book

Plus to celebrate both music AND literacy, we are putting our best seller Inspired by Listening on sale ALL month!  This music integration book focuses on how to use listening experiences in your classroom to inspire all kinds of writing (including sentence and paragraph writing, poetry and narratives), reading strategies (including visualization and main idea) and even grammar practice; all while listening to music that you love.  For more information about the book (including how to order), go HERE.

All month, our posts will be focused on literacy and music, so be sure to check in often and see the latest.  Enjoy!