Balance – That’s my one word resolution for 2012.

Last week on the Art of Education blog, my PLN friend Jessica Balsley wrote a post about how she is going to make her new year’s resolution in one word.  At first, I thought this was a little crazy, but as I read on, I decided to jump on board!  I’m finding the more I think about it, the more it fits into EVERY aspect of my life.


Balance –

It works for home and school,

for work and play,

for body and mind.

Balance –

Reminds me to keep myself in check,

to lift myself when I feel down,

to slow myself when I feel rushed.

Balance –

Reminds me to be creative and stick to the rules,

to teach the whole child,

to differentiate.


Reminds me to take care of myself and those around me,

to spend time with each of my kids

those both in and out of school.

Balance –

Helps me to write less so I can read more,

reach out and allow others in,

keep on working hard and, gosh darnit PLAY!

Balance –

Ya, that’s my word!

What’s yours?

(Please share!)