Ever feel like your muse has let you down?  Ever need a little inspiration?  That’s where I am right about now.  Uninspired.  There’s a long list of things to do and no good place to start them.  The holidays are bogging me down, not lifting me up.  My students, as much as I love them, are a bit on the crazy side.  There’s food everywhere, but no will power and exercise has (temporarily, I’m hoping) become a chore.

So, there you go – brutal honesty.

However, there’s a bright side.

I am smart enough to surround myself with great people in person and online.  My family is supportive and my friends are fun, my colleagues are awesome and my online PLN, well, they are just the best!  I realize more and more with each stroke of this keyboard just how many muses I have around me.  They talk to me in the halls, share a smile across the room, comment on my posts, tweet great tweets.  In all, there are so many adults around me who inspire me each day.  (Sometimes I just forget that…)  When another teacher comes into my room with a new idea, there’s inspiration.  When someone tweets a great story, there’s inspiration.

And let’s not forget the kids.  As much as they are driving me crazy lately, they are the reason I work so hard.  My own children’s smiles and excitement keep me going and those great moments of creativity and sparks of learning from my students and my kids are truly awesome to see.

I guess we just have to remember to pause every so often and take in the present.  Those moments are like little gifts of inspiration throughout our days.

So, amidst the whirlwind that comes with this season, I want to take the moment and thank all my muses: the young, the old(er), the ones I see in person every day and those whose words I read each morning and night.  Thank you!

And have a wonderful Christmas, Holiday Break and New Year!

Hugs, EMP

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