This is not going to be a post about how I am against homework.  (Although, I do have mixed feelings about it.)

This is not a post about how we need to make homework more meaningful for our students.  (Although it may get there eventually.)

It’s about the societal attitude in this country (and possibly others) towards homework as stated by my now six-year-old son.

You see, just the other night, for his 6th birthday, he was given a Big Nate Boredom Buster book, an activity book of sorts by Lincoln Peirce.  It is far above his level, but he loves it.  Right away he took the book and started writing in it with his pencil.

“Mommy, is this homework?”

“No sweetie, you don’t have homework yet.”

“Good.  Homework is boring.”

And there you have it.  My six-year-old already has it in his head that homework is boring.

Where does this come from – this bad attitude toward homework?

Is this a work ethic problem or an issue that schools need to deal with?  or both?

It saddens me to know the uphill battle I undoubtedly will face once my kids do start getting homework.  I am a believer in meaningful homework: homework that provides purposeful practice, that challenges students and inspires them to work hard.  (I told you we’d get here…but I’ll save that for another post.)  But let’s face it, not all students get that type of homework, nor do they expect it.

How do we change this bad attitude towards homework?  I would love your thoughts here!