RED by Arash and Kelly This painting is one that is used in an example in the post.

This week, I wrote a guest post for Jessica Balsley’s website Art of Education.  She is an art teacher who provides many resources and ideas for other teachers interested and invested in arts education.  I decided to stay with my focus on arts integration and cater to her major audience – art teachers.  Here is the beginning paragraph.  I hope it will entice you to visit Jess’s website and read the rest which includes ideas to integrate visual art with other arts such as music, movement and poetry.

When a teacher hears about arts integration, they probably think of the general classroom teacher first.  Then, they may think of other teachers: special education, ELL, reading specialist, etc.  But arts integration can be implemented into the art teacher’s classroom too, creating rich, meaningful experiences….


Norman Rockwell, Reading and Studio Day
The Classroom S--t--r--e--t--c--h

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