The school year is in full swing and reading is filling the air in my fourth grade classroom.  We read independently, in groups, with partners, as a whole class, as a read aloud, online and hopefully at home as well.   Let’s face it, reading is a very important part of an elementary school classroom.  But for some students it’s just so difficult when reading is an area where they struggle.

Today, I invite you to read a post I wrote for Big Universe, an online reading and writing community for students.  It’s called Reading Comprehension and Drumming Circles and is about one teacher’s experience this summer while attending the arts integration class I taught.  She had a real revelation about reading comprehension while drumming with the group.  Curious?  Here’s the first paragraph, I urge you to please go visit the full post.

It’s no surprise to us that different children learn to read at different rates. The problem may be that we sometimes forget just what that means in the minds of our students. I was reminded of how difficult reading can be for students just last week while participating in a drumming circle. Read the entire article…

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