You can imagine my excitement when I read about how an attendee from my presentation at #RSCon11 decided to use some of the music integration strategies in her classroom – and found great success.  Stephanie Shouldis (@WizardOzTeacher) did just that.  She was there for my 30 minute webinar entitled “Integrating Music with Literacy to Help Struggling Readers”  in late July, 2011.  What she did was take the active listening strategies found in Inspired by Listening and applied them to her teaching of dictatorship.  (Awesome, right?)  She says in her post, that music was never a strength for her, but that’s the point – anyone who has even the slightest interest in music, especially listening to it, can integrate music into their teaching.

In Stephanie’s music integrated unit, she introduced the students to Glen Campbell, and Everclear and even Megadeath (YES!) through active listening experiences.  The students’ ideas and work were thought provoking as they were highly engaged.

So, enough from me!  Please go to Stephanie’s blog Inspiring Change in Education, and read her post about this great integrated unit of study!

If you interested in seeing the webinar in part or in its entirety, please click this link.  You will be asked to download the session which includes the presentation, list of participants, archived chat box and Q and A session.   Integrating Music with Literacy to Help Struggling Readers