Original Artwork by AJ LaGasse

A windy road,
A straight shot.
Hills and valleys,
Easy peasy…

Regardless of how we get there – it’s a process!

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew where you wanted to go, you just had to get there?  Maybe you needed to complete a task and there were a dozen things to do in order to complete it.   Or maybe you had a destination, but the road to get there was long and winding.

I was just talking with a colleague the other day who was trying to decide what school she was going to send her Kindergarten aged son next year: the school at which we work or their hometown school.  She knew where they would end up sending him, but she still needed to inquire about what my thoughts were (since I had just made that decision this past year with my son) as well as ask others’ opinions.   She still needed to hem and haw about it, think things through and even do a little research.  It’s a process she can’t avoid.

Then there are those times when you aren’t sure what you need yet, you’re discovering your path every step of the way.  Maybe you are trying out a new way to cook an old favorite.  Or you are creating something from scratch, learning as you go.  Maybe you’re bringing up a child.

This whole new world I have created for myself online has been and is a process.   From the first community focused site I built using SocialGo.com to my present-day WordPress blogging site to whatever may come in the future… through Twitter and Facebook, Grooveshark and feed burners… everything is new territory that I need to learn and use as I continue this journey.  It’s a learning process for sure.  With every new idea, I find myself searching for more information, picking up hints and tricks.  This is a process that may never end!

To every thing of value there is a process and we just can’t avoid it!

You just can’t skip the process!

So instead – embrace it, trust it, know that it’s what you need at this moment.  If you need to do research into the night, then do it.  If you need to snuggle with your child, then do it.  If you need to give your students silent reading time in order to meet one-on-one with a student, then do it.  Take a moment to talk it out, write about it, create something, go somewhere – it’s all part of the process you need to take in order to get to where you want to go.

Enjoy the journey and don’t rush your process.


Photo info and credits: ‘THE JOURNEY’ – Original Abstract Painting by AJ LaGasse –

Words from the artist about his painting, The Journey:

The title of this abstract art is a gentle reminder to try to be in the moment, and enjoy it — all the while trying to stay positive for the future. Of course this sounds very challenging while juggling life’s responsibilities – but you can do it!

Some day we’ll think back and wonder how we did it, but one thing is for sure — being optimistic can only help; it surely can’t hurt your progress, right?

A P.S. from me: Isn’t it amazing how when you trust the process, things just fit into place?  When looking for an image, I came across this piece of artwork – an abstract depicting The Journey.  ( I LOVE abstract art!)  But even after I decided to use this painting to accompany my post, I was intrigued to read about the artwork some more and heard the message of my post echoed in the painter’s own words about his piece.

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