School is back and so are blog series.  We are kicking the school year off with a series about The Creative Process and we’re bringing in some guest bloggers to write about this important topic.

As educators it’s essential that we understand what the creative process is and how it applies to what we do in our teaching.  A big part of learning about the creative process is to go through it! That’s why so much work at The Inspired Classroom is focused on inspiring teachers and having them DO stuff.  At the Teacher Art Retreat, teachers worked on various projects from beginning to end so that they could cognitively work through the creative process.  Unfortunately, we can’t do that online (yet… that may be forthcoming), but we can have some great discussion about the creative process.

This month we will have at least six different perspectives on what the creative process is and how it applies to education.  Having this variety will be thought provoking, for sure!  I encourage you to read these posts as they are published throughout the month and challenge you to continue the conversation through comments.  This could be a wonderful opportunity to “chat” with other educators about something so vital to our students’ learning.

Please join us!

This month’s guest bloggers: Alicia Schordine, Julie Simon, Karen Steffensen, Kristina Peterson, Judy Lee, and ME.


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